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Confirm makes your work easier to capture, find, and get recognized for.

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Sr. Software Engineer, Carta

"Confirm takes the anxiety out of performance reviews. I know my work is being recognized, and that makes me feel valued." 

Confirm, or it didn’t happen

Memorialize your impact and check out coworker accomplishments, allowing everyone to see who did what.


Don't let hard work go unnoticed

Confirm archives everything publicly, so credit is earned where it's due.


Stay in-the-know

Get real-time insight into what your coworkers accomplished, and who contributed to it.


Feedback & kudos, anytime

Don't wait till perf to give or get helpful feedback. Use Confirm to continuously learn and improve.

Find information, no matter where you work.

Access your coworkers’ projects, skills, and credentials, so you can focus on your most meaningful tasks.


Stop reinventing the wheel

Starting a new project? Save time and find relevant material, projects, or completed work. 


Find subject matter experts

Looking for a specific answer? Find the expert in your office, business unit, or around the world.


Speed up onboarding

Confirm maps out who new employees should learn from, what their skills are, and how to work together. 

Spend less time on perf, and more on what you do best.

Finish performance reviews faster than a yoga class.


Finish Perf in 30 minutes

Don't waste hours on mind-numbing self-assessments. File away achievements as they happen.


Stop hunting for project results

No need to chase down data on how a project went. It's already archived in Confirm.


Take the next step.

Be among the best companies that have reinvented themselves in a remote-first world.