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Make the Right People decisions with ease

Only Confirm helps people leaders remove the exhaustion, subjectivity, and politics in performance reviews. Make fairer talent decisions, fast.

The world of work has changed.

Today, work is distributed and collaborative. Leaders have less visibility than ever to make fair and accurate performance decisions.

Confirm is the all-in-one people platform built on the science of organizational network analysis to reveal who is driving impact —and who needs help.

Trusted by the world's best CHROs
Built on organizational science

Welcome to the era of data-driven performance management

Confirm provides quantitative insights on employee performance so you can ensure advancement is based on data, not bias.

More than reviews

Manage all your talent in one platform

Everything you need to manage performance—from 1:1s and OKR tracking to continuous feedback and engagement surveys—all in one place.

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See how Premier Research discovered 2.5X top performers and 4X underperformers

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