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The people dashboard for CEOs

Confirm is your ground truth. Talent intelligence that makes your people decisions easy.

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“There are only three products I log into every day: Slack, Google Apps, and Confirm. It transformed the way I understand our employees.”

Henry Ward
CEO, Carta

Retain your best and help the rest.

Uncover hidden talent insight so you can make the right people decisions, faster.


Discover breakout performers. Predict flight risks.

See your employees’ impact, vouched by the people they work with, so you can identify who’s making a difference, and who needs support.


Evaluate employees equitably.

Lean on objective, quantitative data to give everyone a fair shot, no matter their background.


Improve workforce strategy.

Which teams are your most valuable? Who should you retain? Confirm integrates with all your HR systems to unlock high value decision-making.

Assemble the dream team for any project.

Search for anything from your coworkers’ credentials and skills to projects and accomplishments.


Find the right person

Looking for someone with a specific skill or behavior? Find the expert in your office, business unit, or company.


See exactly who did what

Need to know who organized last year’s partner conference? Look up any project and see who contributed to it.


Stop reundant work

Keep track of projects in flight or already completed, so your organization can stop wasting time reinventing the wheel.

Integrate Confirm with the tools you use.

Confirm integrates with your communication tools and systems of record, enhancing them with the live impact each person actually has on the business.



Take the next step.

Be among the best companies that have reinvented themselves in a remote-first world.