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The people dashboard for leaders

Tracking performance is hard. Unveil talent intelligence that makes your people decisions easy.

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“There are only three products I log into every day: Slack, Google Apps, and Confirm. It transformed the way I understand our employees.”

Henry Ward
CEO, Carta

Lightweight perf, heavyweight insights.

Spend less time administering perf and more time taking action from it.


Capture accomplishments continuously

Confirm lets employees track impact as it occurs, saving hundreds of hours during performance cycles.


Tools employees love

25% of employees per company using Confirm sign-in weekly.


We'll do the follow-up

Let Confirm nudge employees to finish tasks so you can focus on taking action from insights. 

Retain your best and help the rest.

Uncover hidden talent insight so you can make the right people decisions, faster.


Discover breakout performers. Predict flight risks.

See employee impact, vouched by the people they work with, to identify who’s making a difference, and who needs support.


Evaluate employees equitably.

Lean on objective, quantitative data so everyone has a fair shot, no matter their background.


Ace workforce planning.

Which teams drive the most value? Integrate Confirm with your HR systems to unlock high value decision-making.

Raise retention

Find what's driving attrition and take action, even between performance cycles.

Low time-to-value

Confirm gets you to what matters, fast, so you don't use up everyone's time just taking perf.

One week setup

No heavy integration or set up flows here. Give us an hour and we'll have you set up within 5 days.

You work hard to hire the best. We help you keep them.

Buck attrition with science, and give your CEO data they’ll use…a lot.


Demystify attrition

Confirm finds predictive drivers of attrition by analyzing thousands of data points.


Get insights right away

Discover top performers and flight risks, without waiting for the next performance cycle.


CEOs love Confirm

CEOs using Confirm sign-in weekly. That means the boss sees, firsthand, the value HR is driving.

Spend less time on perf, and more on what you do best.

Finish performance reviews faster than a yoga class.


Finish Perf in 30 minutes

Don't waste hours on mind-numbing self-assessments. File away achievements as they happen.


Stop hunting for project results

No need to chase down data on how a project went. It's already archived in Confirm.

Sign up on a Monday, get insights by Friday.

No need to wait until the next perf cycle. Get insights within a week of signing up.


No engineers required

Just one, quick survey to your employees and you're ready to go.



Use Confirm's ready-to-go performance tool and leveling framework, or customize your own.


We handle the analysis

Don't manage system merges or messy spreadsheets. Confirm does the heavy lifting for you.

Integrate Confirm with the tools you use.

Confirm integrates with your communication tools and systems of record, enhancing them with the live impact each person actually has on the business.



Take the next step.

Be among the best companies that have reinvented themselves in a remote-first world.


Take the next step.

Be among the best companies that have reinvented themselves in a remote-first world.