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Uncover the people, projects, skills, and credentials that enable your organization to reach its full potential.

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Confirm is your talent inventory.

Your people are your greatest asset. Confirm helps them work better together.


Find anything

Looking for a specific skill? Find the expert in your office, business unit, or company.


See exactly who did what

Need to know who organized last year's sales kickoff? Look up any project and see who contributed to it.


Stop learning the same lesson twice

Keep track of the projects that didn't work out, so your organization can learn from them the first time.

See people at a new level.

Confirm gives you unprecedented visibility into the people you work with.


A high-resolution resume

See a person's role in every project, and exactly what they contributed.


Skills and credentials for every employee

Identify a coworker's strongest skills, vouched by the people they work with.


Work together better

"Operating manuals" help coworkers schedule meetings, give feedback, and work effectively together.

Integrate Confirm with the tools you use.

Confirm integrates with your systems of record and helps keep them up to date.

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