Engagement surveys

Turn employee feedback into action, faster

Confirm has all the tools you need to collect feedback, uncover insight, and boost morale.

Make workplace improvements that matter

Gain a deeper understanding of your employees’ needs and concerns with anonymous engagement surveys.

Deeper data for powerful insights

Heat maps guide you to quickly spot problem areas. Filter by functions, level, and tenure to find patterns.

Best practice templates

Get to insights faster with out of the box survey templates grounded in industry standards.

Get to key takeaways in minutes with AI

Analyzing engagement survey results takes weeks. Confirm uses GPT-4 to surface insights in minutes, saving you countless hours.

AI-generated summaries

With just a click, get a bulleted list of key insights and drill down to see the related responses.

Ready to share

Summarized results for the whole org or filter for a specific team to share actionable takeaways right away.

Customer Story

See how Thoropass retained 100% of its top performers over a 12-month period

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See what traditional engagement surveys can’t

Engagement surveys only show you what’s on the surface. Unlock deeper insights, such as flight risks, with survey results enriched with organizational network analysis (ONA) data.

Prioritize development efforts

Identify departments that show modest performance but high engagement and are good candidates for coaching.

Find the critical flight risks

Compare ONA data to engagement results to identify high performers who might be disengaged.

Capture employee sentiment in the moment

Run pulse surveys that capture the opinions and feedback of employees in the moment.

Immediately understand impact

Monitor how new initiatives and changes affect employees in real-time and make data-driven adjustments.

Track sentiment changes over time

See the long-term, cumulative impact business changes have on culture and morale.

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