OKRs and Career goals

Track OKRs and career goals in one place

Align employee aspirations with company objectives and monitor progress in real-time.

One source of truth for OKR tracking

Stop using multiple tools and spreadsheets to track goals and OKRs. Monitor your company and employees’ progress every step of the way with Confirm OKRs.

Track progress effortlessly

Streamline progress monitoring and gain real-time visibility into goal achievement.

Consistent OKR tracking

Create a consistent way for everyone on your team to track OKRs.

Support career aspirations and help employees grow

Don’t lose key talent due to misalignment between career and company goals. Gain visibility into employees' career aspirations and provide targeted support to align individual growth with company goals.

Retain top talent

Retain your top talent with clear advancement opportunities that seamlessly align with your employees' aspirations.

Enhance succession planning

Maximize leadership succession with targeted career development strategies that align employees' aspirations and empower seamless talent transitions.

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