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We’re on a mission to unleash everyone’s potential by rightly recognizing the true difference they make at work.

Bringing science to performance reviews

Confirm is the first platform to inject science into performance reviews, ensuring advancement is based on data, not company politics. Grounded in the science of organizational network analysis (ONA), Confirm quantifies employee influence and impact, and gives leaders clear visibility into who they can’t afford to lose.

Join the performance review revolution

Working at Confirm lets you make a large impact while feeling the freedom that comes with being at a well-funded startup.

Remote only

Confirmians have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Friday Connect

Every Friday, we put business talk on hold to play games, catch up, and have fun.

Self care culture

By working healthy hours, we prioritize choices that maximize leverage and impact.


We share the good and the bad: you'll get the same updates our investors do.


Make an impact with people from diverse backgrounds who care about their colleagues.

First and best

We pay at the 80th percentile for a given job and market. With "first and best" offers, we avoid pay gaps.

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