SEcurity at Confirm

Confirm maintains the highest standards of enterprise data privacy and security. Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business.

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Secure from day one

At Confirm, security isn't an afterthought, but a foundational principle ingrained in our DNA. We achieved our SOC 2 Type II certification before hiring our first team member. With security as the bedrock of our platform, we provide robust protection and peace of mind from the moment you engage with us. To learn more, visit our Trust Center.

Access control

Confirm ensures secure data access through least privilege principles, comprehensive activity logging, and strong password security with two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Data protection

Confirm employs least privilege access and regular reviews, logs all activities, and enforces strong password security with two-factor authentication, ensuring comprehensive data protection and secure internal systems.

Network security

Confirm maintains robust network security through encrypted wireless networks, US-based virtual private cloud hosting, AWS GuardDuty monitoring, and strict traffic restrictions with AWS security groups.

Incident response

In the event of any incident, our team investigates, mitigates the impact, and implements necessary measures to prevent recurrence following industry best practices and strict protocols to safeguard your data.

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