Performance reviews

A new kind of performance review, powered by ONA

Say goodbye to performance review politics and exhaustion. Make fairer talent decisions, faster, using the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA).

Get data on where every employee stands in the company

Traditional reviews overlook your true “10x-ers” and low performers. Recognize and reward the right employees with performance reviews powered by organizational network analysis (ONA).

Develop targeted retention strategies

Gain insights into your most valuable employees to ensure you build the right retention strategies to keep your top talent.

Discover hidden talent

Make informed talent decisions by uncovering high-performers who drive positive outcomes in the workplace.

Let AI instantaneously calibrate manager ratings

Stop spending thousands of hours in calibration sessions prone to politics. Shorten calibrations, minimize bias, and enhance workplace fairness with Confirm auto-calibration.

Customize your calibration process

Tailor your calibration process to your needs and align it with your values and culture.

Make faster decisions

Replace lengthy calibration meetings with efficient evaluation processes, ensuring fairness and objectivity.

Customer Story

See how Thoropass retained 100% of its top performers over a 12-month period

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Complete manager reviews in half the time with AI

Reviews require a ton of manager time. Confirm leverages GPT-4 to help managers summarize and write feedback, empowering them to finish reviews fast without sacrificing quality.

Editable summaries

Let GPT-4 help your managers start from something. Managers can then fully edit, allowing them to shape feedback to align with their unique perspectives.

Enhance manager feedback

Enable people managers to provide more nuanced and impactful guidance to direct reports in half the time.

Make talent decisions with the full picture in mind

Don’t make important talent decisions with partial information. See who’s influential, who needs extra support, who’s going above and beyond, and why with robust analytics powered by ONA.

Uncover high-performers

Easily identify the employees you can’t afford to lose based on network data.

Access hidden data

Gain deep insights into performance across various dimensions, including function and job level.

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