Talent management

Make talent decisions you can trust

Continuous feedback won’t tell you how to make promotion and compensation decisions. Use ONA to make informed choices.

Accurately measure contribution to set compensation

Manager ratings are not enough to make merit-based compensation decisions. Pay for performance by making compensation decisions with ONA metrics.

Compensate with confidence

Align compensation with actual performance, enabling a more accurate reflection of employee contributions.

Minimize biases and subjectivity

Link compensation decisions with performance, minimizing biases and subjectivity in the process.

One place to easily compare promotion candidates

End chaotic, slow and biased promotion processes. Determine the right people to promote and save time with a centralized hub for promotion packets.

Make promotion decisions fast

Get everyone on the same page with packets that provide all relevant data in a consistent template.

Promote based on fairness

Leverage ONA data, historic performance trajectory, and comparisons to company benchmarks.

Customer Story

See how Thoropass retained 100% of its top performers over a 12-month period

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Make tough decisions with confidence

RIFs and PIPs are hard. Stay organized and drive the right outcomes using ONA data and performance improvement plans.

See beyond manager opinions

With ONA data, reveal who the organization sees as driving impact or influence to make sure you don’t lose your quiet contributors.

Document information in one place

Use version history to keep track of progress on individual PIPs

Access job leveling frameworks in your performance platform

When employees don’t know how to move up, they disengage and quit. Create alignment around job expectations and career paths with built-in job leveling frameworks.

Create transparent leveling

Ensure everyone in the organization understands the expectations and responsibilities of their role.

Chart a clear career path

Empower employees to see where they need to develop to take the next step in their career journey.

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