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Companies of all sizes rely on Confirm’s performance management platform, intelligence, and services. We work with every customer to find a price, plan, and solution that fits your needs. Confirm pricing is based on your employee count.


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Frequently asked questions

What does Confirm do?

Confirm is the first platform to use ONA (organizational network analysis) to make performance reviews faster, fairer and more accurate and allow companies to make better people decisions based on data instead of bias.

How is this different from 360 reviews?

As a practice, 360 reviews are almost 80 years old and suffer from small sample size. Only 2-3 people are reviewers and the incentive for someone being reviewed is to pick reviewers who will say positive things. With ONA, anyone can provide feedback on anyone else, unveiling patterns in feedback and making the reviews fairer and more accurate.

What business challenges does Confirm solve?

Fixing broken performance reviews. A fundamental challenge for businesses is measuring and understanding talent accurately and efficiently. Companies using Confirm can quickly identify 10x superstars, flight risks, great people flying under the radar, as well as people who aren’t meeting their full potential.

We’re also addressing the labor shortage as the market for top talent is still incredibly tight. It is important that businesses identify their top performers and retain them.

Who has access to the reviews? Can I see my own reviews?

Feedback is summarized and provided back to each employee by their manager, just like a traditional review.

What kinds of questions does Confirm ask in a performance review?

We might ask something like, “Who is making an outstanding impact at your organization?” or “Who do you go to for help and advice?” We also ask why these people were chosen to ensure we capture substance on what skills or behaviors stood out.

What is ONA?

ONA stands for organizational network analysis, a research-backed methodology that allows anyone in the organization to review any other person. Reviews could be positive or negative. This approach matches the way we get work done today because it’s cross functional and in networks.

How does Confirm address bias in performance reviews?

We use a standardized measurement that provides a holistic view of performance by capturing more data points from an employee’s working network. This unveils patterns and a clearer picture of where bias might exist in an organization. Research has shown that more than 60 percent of a typical performance rating can be attributed to the idiosyncrasies of the manager. Unconscious bias is one idiosyncrasy. It distorts evaluations based on race, gender, age and other irrelevant factors. With a holistic, standardized measure of performance we can diminish the impact of any biases.

Is my data safe, secure, and private in Confirm?

Confirm is SOC 2 Type II compliant, is enterprise-grade secure, and maintains the highest standards of data privacy. We also use Role-based Access Controls to manage and control access privileges so each employee has access to ONLY the features and data they need to do their jobs.

What HR systems does Confirm support?

We integrate flawlessly with Slack, Workday, Gusto, Rippling, ADP, and 40+ other HRISs. You’ll be able to see a full list of integrations during onboarding. Or, give our sales team a shout and we can share more. We use Merge to securely connect to your HRIS and only access data required to administer your performance reviews and to develop other Confirm products. We will never sell or rent your data to a third party, and all data that we collect from you is encrypted securely, both at rest and in transit.

Do I need to have an HRIS or digital payroll system to use Confirm?

Nope! You can simply share a .CSV download of your employee list. We’ll let you know the exact information we need during onboarding and help you along the way. Only takes a couple minutes!

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