What is Organizational Network Analysis?

Learn about Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), the groundbreaking science that powers Confirm, creating fairer performance reviews in the new world of work. 

What is organizational network analysis?

Solving today's challenges around measuring performance requires modernizing the century-old practice of performance reviews. The world of work has evolved. How we measure performance should too.

An effective method of measuring performance in today's networked world is Organizational network analysis (ONA). ONA measures and visualizes workplace interactions, analyzing their frequency and strength. When applied to performance management, ONA gives leaders visibility into the true impact of their employees.

How ONA works for performance managemENT

ONA allows anyone at a company (i.e. a network) to evaluate anyone else. That evaluation can be positive or critical. What matters is that it mirrors the way we work today.

At the start of a performance review, employees are asked a few research-tested ONA questions. Examples include:

Who at your organization do you go to for help and advice?

Who do you believe is making an outstanding impact?

Who do you believe needs additional support or attention?

The first question measures influence, identifying a company's thought leaders and subject matter experts. The second question measures the "what" of performance, providing an opportunity to gather constructive feedback.

When this data is analyzed, it gives leaders visibility into who their high-performers are and those who need additional support. With these insights, they can confidently make promotions, PIPs, and retention decisions based on clear data.

ONA-powered performance reviews drive business impact

HR leaders want to drive business outcomes through impactful people decisions. ONA helps them achieve this in a data-driven way.

With attrition concerns during “The Great Resignation,” Thoropass' executive team needed a way to identify mission critical employees and retain them. With ONA data, not only did they identify their top performers, they retained 100% of them.

Customer Story

See how Thoropass retained 100% of its top performers over a 12-month period

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When HR leaders have access to ONA data, they're able to make promotion and PIP decisions that drive business impact. A number of leaders have used the insights from ONA to make strategic people decisions that have had a material impact on their businesses.

ONA gives leaders the data to:

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Uncover employees who are mission critical to the business
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Leverage ONA data to maximize retention
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Reduce bias in the performance review process
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Make talent decisions that are backed by data, not opinion

A world where employees are recognized and rewarded for their hard work and positive impact, not their ability to play office politics, is within reach. With ONA-powered performance reviews, the true impact employees make at work takes center stage, giving leaders an accurate view of performance with less time and effort.

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