Feedback and Growth

Unleash employee potential with better feedback

Don't let a lack of insights impede employee development initiatives. With Confirm, make informed talent decisions that foster employee growth.

Use data to show employees where they stand

Never let your team feel lost or overlooked again. Show employees if they’re on track and have more productive performance conversations with ONA-based performance trajectories.

Performance trajectories

Track and benchmark employee progress and development over time with data-driven insights.

Powered by ONA

Get a comprehensive view of employees’ performance based on how the entire company sees them. 

Run effective 1:1s with easy access to essential information

Don’t let alignment slip. Have more productive conversations with 1:1s integrated with OKR tracking employee sentiment, and career goals.


Foster open communication, provide personalized guidance, and build stronger relationship.

Fully integrated

See your employees’ OKR attainment, sentiment, and more directly in 1:1s.

Customer Story

See how Thoropass retained 100% of its top performers over a 12-month period

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Empower managers with modern career development tools

Employees disengage when work and their career goals don’t align. Allow employees to drive their own careers with Aspirations.

Easy succession planning

Identify future leaders and use performance data to develop effective succession plans.

Effective training

Get insights that help you create targeted training to help employees progress in their desired career paths.

Recognize wins as they happen

Don’t let great work go unnoticed. Boost morale and create a culture of recognition by letting everyone give shoutouts.

Continuous recognition

Let employees recognize peers wherever they are in the world.

Integrated into your chat app

Increase recognition visibility by connecting Confirm to Slack or Microsoft Teams.

One place for real-time feedback

Feedback once or twice a year isn’t enough. Empower employees to make faster improvements withs continuous feedback.

Spot skill gaps

Quickly identify areas where employees should improve.

Address challenges

Analyze peer feedback to address challenges before they become bigger problems.

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