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We're Thrilled to Announce: Confirm Wins Top HR Product of the Year

Confirm has been selected as one of the Top HR Products of the Year by Human Resource Executive.

We're beyond excited to share some fantastic news with you. Confirm has been selected as one of the Top HR Products of the Year by Human Resource Executive. This is a monumental achievement for us, and we couldn't be more proud.

Why This Award Matters

Every year, Human Resource Executive and the HR Technology Conference team up to recognize the most innovative new technology solutions in the HR space. The criteria for this award are stringent, focusing on innovation, value addition to the HR function, user-friendliness, and the ability to deliver on promises.

What Sets Us Apart

Steve Boese, the HR Technology Conference Chair, had some kind words to say about us: "By using a straightforward, user-friendly approach to capturing employee feedback, organizations can now quickly gain insights into who in the organization is a source of advice and counsel, who possesses critical expertise, and importantly, who are the people that the organization can’t afford to lose. Simple, yet powerful, Confirm unlocks the value of ONA in a uniquely innovative way."

Our Take on the Future of HR

Josh Merrill, cofounder and CEO of Confirm, said: "This space is evolving so rapidly, with trends like return to the office and GenAI driving huge process changes for HR pros. We're excited to be helping teams navigate these changes and infuse data into performance reviews so they can make better decisions, faster."

Why ONA is a Game-Changer

Traditional performance reviews are outdated. They often rely on the opinions of a single manager or a small group of handpicked individuals. Our Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) approach changes that. It mirrors how work is done today—in networks rather than strict, top-down hierarchies. With Confirm, performance decisions are based on larger sets of data, making the process fairer and more accurate.

Join Us on This Journey

We're on a mission to revolutionize performance reviews and HR decision-making through data. To learn more about how Confirm can help your organization, go to, or visit us at Booth 7602 at HR Tech 2023 in Mandalay Bay, October 10-13, Las Vegas.

Ready to see Confirm in Action?

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