Slack Integration


App integration

Don’t miss a beat on performance management with the Confirm Slack integration. Make sure you stay up to date on feedback, recognition and the opening and closing of performance cycles.

Add Confirm to Slack

Get notified in Slack about performance cycles and when someone gives you feedback

Find out when performance cycles open and close

Tired of squeezing in your performance reviews at the last minute? Automatically get notified when performance cycles open and reports are released.

Get notified when you receive recognition

Know right away when someonegives you props for doing great work.

Respond ASAP when yourfeedback is requested

Never let feedback requests get punted downthe road. Get notified immediately when someone is looking for your thoughts.

Ready to see Confirm in action?

See why forward-thinking enterprises use Confirm to make fairer, faster talent decisions and build high-performing teams.