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Three Ways Managers and Employees Can Have 10X Better Performance Conversations Using ONA

Discover how leveraging ONA data can facilitate 10X better performance conversations

Performance reviews are a cornerstone of organizational growth, aligning individual aspirations with the company's broader vision. In this era of data-driven insights, tools like Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) are revolutionizing the way these reviews are conducted. Leveraging ONA data from Confirm can significantly enhance performance review conversations for both employees and managers.

Understanding ONA

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a method that helps visualize and analyze relationships and flows within an organization. It assists in identifying influencers, pinpointing information bottlenecks, and understanding collaboration patterns. Confirm offers tools and insights to conduct ONA effectively, fostering a culture of transparency and growth.

Insightful Questions for Employees

In the ONA process facilitated by Confirm, employees have the opportunity to answer and gain insights from several critical questions that help in mapping the organizational network effectively. These questions are:

  1. Who do you go to for help and advice? This question helps in identifying the knowledge hubs within the organization, the individuals who are seen as reliable sources of information and guidance.
  2. Who energizes or motivates you? Understanding who the motivators in the team are can help in fostering a positive and energetic work environment.
  3. Who do you see as a "Gold Star," or outstanding contributor? This question aids in recognizing the high performers in the organization, encouraging a culture of excellence.
  4. Who do you believe needs additional support or attention? Identifying individuals who might be struggling allows for timely intervention and support, promoting a nurturing workplace.

The Role of Tenure in ONA

It's noteworthy that tenure plays a significant role in the accumulation of nominations to these questions. Employees who have been with the company for a longer period tend to be more recognized as sources of help and advice, owing to their experience and deeper understanding of the organizational dynamics. Within the Confirm platform, both employees and managers can observe this development trend. It allows for a comparative analysis where individuals or teams can gauge their growth and influence within the organization against the backdrop of their tenure. This feature fosters a culture of continuous development, where employees are encouraged to evolve and expand their influence as they grow within the company.

For Employees: Amplify Your Growth and Influence

  1. Self-awareness and Growth: Utilize ONA data to pinpoint your position within the network. It can help you identify areas where you can increase your influence and collaboration, amplifying your growth.
  2. Preparation: Before the review, delve into the data to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Be ready to discuss specific instances where you have contributed positively to the network, setting the stage for a better conversation.
  3. Goal Setting: Use the insights from ONA to set realistic and data-backed goals for the next review period, aiming to increase your contributions and collaborations.

For Managers: Grow Your Team's Productivity and Morale

  1. Objective Analysis: Utilize ONA data as an objective basis to evaluate an employee's performance, reducing biases in evaluations and enhancing the productivity of the conversation.
  2. Tailored Feedback: Leverage ONA insights to provide specific, data-driven feedback, helping employees clearly understand their impact on the organization, and fostering better dialogues.
  3. Strategic Decision Making: Use ONA data to make informed decisions about team structures, collaboration, and communication strategies, aiming to enhance team morale and productivity.


Incorporating ONA data from platforms like Confirm into performance review conversations can foster a more transparent, objective, and growth-oriented culture. Both employees and managers can benefit immensely by aligning individual performances with organizational goals effectively, paving the way for 10X better performance conversations.

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